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Sensory Seeds has relocated to Ashland, Oregon!

Currently taking new clients!


Uncover Your Child's Confidence

Pediatric Occupational Therapy
in Ashland and surrounding towns. 

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I am driven to help children feel brave and confident.

Hi I'm Laura. I've been a pediatric OT for 15 years, helping children improve self-regulation and strengthen their motor, academic, and play skills.

My passion is to help your child feel the best in their own skin, whether they are sensitive, active, or strong-willed.


I strive to help families feel strong in their parenting, giving you and your child a common language and developmentally appropriate activities to ease big feelings.


I will work with you to find the root of your child's difficulty, not just treat the outward symptoms. 


I will serve as your "coach" to offer strategies, ideas, and techniques to help your child and family meet goals for optimal functioning in your busy and exciting lives.

Variety of Services for Your Child

Provided in the comfort of your home


Emotional & Behavioral Regulation

Implementing structured programs to help your child communicate their emotional needs in order to improve self-regulation.

Motor Development

Providing play-based therapy to improve your child's fine motor and gross motor strength and coordination.

Sensory Processing

Thorough assessment of your child's sensory patterns in order to identify sensory difficulties impacting your child's functioning.

Parent Coaching

Supporting you to feel confident in helping your child thrive in their routines, transitions, and activities.

What My Clients Are Saying

Sara W. 

Laura is magical. She was the first person to provide services that actually helped and gave direction to our son. Her approach is fantastic. She is truly caring and has such a great connection with our son. I would STRONGLY encourage people who need OT to reach out!


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